National Business Rating
"ADI" ñompany is assigned the status of “Leader of the Year” based on a comprehensive analysis of the National Business Rating from 2010 to 2018.

Dry Storage Facility for Spent Nuclear Fuel ¹2
Since 2008, ADI has been cooperating with HOLTEC International on the project to complete the Dry Storage Facility for Spent Nuclear Fuel at Chernobyl NPP. HOLTEC International entered the territory of Ukraine as a recognized supplier of the whole range of technologies for handling spent nuclear fuel. Under contracts with HOLTEC International, ADI develops Design and Working documentation and manufactures non-standard equipment related to the NPP important safety systems (IS-1).

The company "British American Tobacco" - Prilucky is our customer during the length of time. Our experts have developed more than 20 projects on technical re-equipment of existing production.

New Safe Confinement (NSC)
Since 2007, ADI has been cooperating with NOVARKA on the project “Design, construction and commissioning of New Safe Confinement”. The steel structure took its place in the shape of an arch over the destroyed power unit in November 2016. Work continues on strengthening and sealing of the steel structure, as well as the design and construction of infrastructure facilities. The following works were performed by order of NOVARKA in 2016-2018:
• Development of the Technical specifications as well as performance of technical insulation work and fire protection of the New Safe Confinement steel ducts.
• Performance of design work, operation manuals, maintenance and repair instructions, manufacture and installation of equipment for the facility "Diesel fuel storage system diesel generator and fuel filling station for NSC special equipment.
• Design and manufacture of cassettes for installing samples for corrosion monitoring for Arch bearing structures of New Safe Confinement.
• Development of Working documentation for metalworks of the Technological building and auxiliary facilities of NSC.
• Full range of Design work performance, as well as performing calculations for building structures to the Fire water pump station with two water storage tanks for firefighting with a volume of 1.5 th. m3.
• Reconstruction of the physical protection system and access control SSE Chernobyl NPP of the "Shelter" object.

Object "Shelter" SSE ChNPP.
"ADI" company participates in the project on reconstruction of the physical protection system and access control of the object "Shelter" SSE ChNPP.

Project LLWCF - final phase of the project
In November 2013 manufacturing of technological equipment for the project " Modernization of Long-length Waste Cutting Facility at Chernobyl NPP " (LLWCF) was finished. Preparation for complex factory functional tests is ongoing at the present moment. The firm is executing installation of equipment of LLWCF on Unit No.2 of ChNPP.

Repair of roofing
In August 2013 ADI finished a complex of design works on repair of industrial building's roofing in Chernihiv region with general area of 10000 m2.

International award "Best Enterprise"
At year-end Europe Business Assembly (EBA, Oxford, United Kingdom) took a resolution to acknowledge "ADI" ñompany with an International award "Best Enterprise" for dynamics growth and leading position and to award director of the company with an honorary title "Top-manager of the Year". Awarding will take place on a grand ceremony during London Summit in British Institute of Directors (London, United Kingdom).

International award "Arch of Europe"
On a basis of B.I.D. (Business Initiative Directions) votes and in accordance to assessment results of QC100 Total Quality Management Model company "ADI" has been acknowledged with "International Arch of Europe" (IAE) award in a category "Gold". The assessment was made according to such criteria as customer, requirements, satisfaction, leadership, technology, best practice, business results. Awarding ceremony will take place during 26th International IAE Convention in Frankfurt (Germany).

LLWCF project - Working Design
In March and April 2013 the company received a positive conclusion of state expert appraisal for Working Design and a building permission.

A victory in "Ukrainian Business Olympiad" rating
In accordance to complex evaluation of enterprise performance National Expert Committee of "Ukrainian Business Olympiad" acknowledged company "ADI" as a winner in a category "Engineering industry".
Company has been awarded with a certificate "National Business-Olympus", and director has been awarded with a medal "Spotless Business Reputation".
Awarding ceremony will take place during 4th International Economical and Social Congress in St. Petersburg.

Second stage of LLWCF project - Working Design
In November 2012 Working Design and associated documentation under project "Modernization of Long-Length Waste Cutting Facility at Chernobyl NPP" (LLWCF) were handed over to pass state expert appraisal after consideration and approval on ChNPP.

Manufacturing of LLWCF equipment started
In June 2012 manufacturing of main equipment under the project "Modernization of Long-Length Waste Cutting Facility at Chernobyl NPP" (LLWCF) started on a basis of previously designed Detailed Design Documentation approved by ChNPP.

Return to cooperation with Holtec International (USA)
Since June 2012 within an agreement for providing engineering services under a project "Interim Storage Facility-2" (ISF-2) at Chernobyl NPP, works under the following subjects have been done:
  • "Dimensioning building constructions and units on existing objects located on ISF-2 site territory";
  • "Development of documentation packages of a stage "Technical Designâ"and technical support during review of the documentation".

First stage of LLWCF project - successfully completed
In January 2012 the project "Modernization of Long-Length Waste Cutting Facility at Chernobyl NPP" (LLWCF) gained a positive conclusion for Detailed Design from state expert appraisal as a result of cooperation with AMEC Nuclear International, AMEC Nuclear Slovakia. Development of Working Design and Detailed Design Documentation for main equipment has started.

Successful completion of a joint project with Grontmij AB
In August 2011 the company has finished all works on object "Shelter" of Chernobyl NPP under project "Fire protection system of object "Shelter". According to results of performed works the company received a letter of appreciation from a client - SIP PMU, and the partner - Grontmij AB.

Cooperation with AMEC Nuclear International (UK)
Together with company AMEC Nuclear International, company "ADI" starts realization of the following projects:
  • "Modernization of Long-Length Waste Cutting Facility at Chernobyl NPP";
  • "Feasibility Study and Preliminary Design for a Near-Surface Facility for Long Term Storage of Long Lived and High Level Radoiactive Waste on Site of Complex "Vector" in Chernobyl Exclusion Zone".

Works with the Holtec International (USA)
Works have been performed under the following projects:
  • "Modification of Nuclear Facility. Processing of damaged spent nuclear fuel of Chernobyl NPP"
  • "Project of Completion of an On-Site Dry Storage Facility for Spent Nuclear Fuel at Chernobyl NPP".

Kinds of work carried out under these projects: inspections of building constructions and buildings of Interim Storage Facility (ISF-2), modification of Nuclear Facility of damaged spent nuclear fuel (DSNF) of Chernobyl NPP.

Work with Project Management Unit on "Shelter Implementation Project" (PMU SIP) of Chernobyl NPP.

Works on design of "Fire Protection System of object "Shelter" are being conducted (authors: company Grontmij (Sweden), company "ADI"). This project provides a complex of fire-protection measures in rooms of deaerator Stack of object "Shelter".

Cooperation with company NUKEM Technologies GMBH (Germany)

Designer supervision of mantling of pipelines is being conducted on object "Industrial Complex on Storage of Solid Radio-active Waste Management (ICSRM) according to the previously developed Working Documentation "Pipelines of incineration system" (author: company "ADI"). Customer: company NUKEM Technologies GMBH (Germany).

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